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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Shadow

Late summer sun in January. Alfie and me walking on Cleeve Hill overlooking Cheltenham with rays cast almost horizontal with the Earth. ‘shadow – a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light on a … Continue reading

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Haiku: Snowdrop

Out walking with Alfie this morning I stood aghast at this posie of snowdrops…Haiku Winter dark dormant Suddenly snowdrops appear Fragments off the moon

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Edge

Summer’s a fading memory as spent leaves gather. The thud of leather on willow echoes in the misty gathering distance while a groundsman remembers his lines and marks angles criss-crossing on the bright green baize, the edge of the field. … Continue reading

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Travel Theme: Autumn

Autumn has a quality of melancholy; a change of light from bright yellow fresh green and gold to chromatic shades and hues, shadows from rain clouds and misty mornings. It’s the beginning of the end of Summer which we look … Continue reading

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Wheres My Backpack/Travel Theme: Winter

Winter mmm… It’s not for fun that leaves fall from deciduous trees to survive the winter. Winter can be harsh, not for fun the log store is bursting to breaking; larders stocked. Birds raid hedgerows for berries, while others head … Continue reading

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My Weekly Photo: Summoning the Sun

A pile of leaves collected from the floor of a Eucalyptus glade, picked up by me at random while in Australia and stuffed in the pouch in my notebook, summons the warmth of the sun. Outside my window the arctic … Continue reading

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