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Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

Water water everywhere… Here water is contained and harnessed to drive the Industrial Revolution through networks of canals dug by hand by gangs of ‘navigators’ known as ‘navvies’. Canals were overtaken and gradually replaced by improved roads and railways. By … Continue reading

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Travel Theme/Wheres my backpack: Smooth

Ailsa has given us ‘Smooth’ Here is treacle, olive oil, warm chocolate, paint, mercury, liquid silver…? No… It’s Fresh Water. The River Avon at Tewkesbury in summer evening light; liquid, smooth without lumps. http://wheresmybackpack.com/2015/04/04/travel-theme-smooth/  

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

Shadowed… Shadowed….absense of light, cusp betwixt night and day, moody, solemn, dramatic, sombre, expectant, spooky, foreboding, somber, umbrageous, drab, gloomy, gloaming, dark, dreary, glum, grim, dusky, disconsolate yet… …the traffic light reflected in the surface of the water, agitated by … Continue reading

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Travel Theme/Wheres my Backpack: Simple

What can be more basic, more fundamental, more necessary, more ‘stuff of life’, more simple than a drop of water on a leaf……..go on, I challenge you…. http://wheresmybackpack.com/2014/07/25/travel-theme-simple/ Click the link to see other ‘simple’ blogs  

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Travel Theme; Hidden

‘Hidden’ is a tantalising theme. It implies something out of sight, concealed, obscured. We might have a hint of its presence, a clue, a prompt. Once discovered it is no longer ‘hidden’. I have chosen a photograph I took one … Continue reading

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