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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Shadow

Late summer sun in January. Alfie and me walking on Cleeve Hill overlooking Cheltenham with rays cast almost horizontal with the Earth. ‘shadow – a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light on a … Continue reading

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Where’s my Backpack/Travel Theme: Freedom

  Freedom’s another word for Nothing Left to Lose – Kris Kristofferson Bright sun, warm wind, soft sand, the endless ebb-and-flow of the foaming surf, gulls wheeling in a blue sky above a turquoise sea – it shouts freedom! http://wheresmybackpack/2014/12/12/travel-theme-freedom/ Click … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There be Light

Let there be Light Daylight slips unseen centre stage revealing another cloudless sky. The deer hunter is already on the look-out traversing the parched grassy upland, his boots wet from the dew, his senses alert to the sound of hooves … Continue reading

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Pop-Up Blog: Stealing Days

A summer of hot sun and lazy days has given way to cooler, wetter and windier weather. Autumn, and the harvest done, the hedgerows are abundant with berries to eat and nuts to store in winter larders. Suddenly a bright sunny … Continue reading

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Weekly Writing Challenge: I remember

I remember It’s as if I remember it. I’m so taken by the photographs of my mother and her two young sons, together with a gathering of new friends sitting on deck chairs aboard a troopship heading west towards the … Continue reading

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Travel Theme/Where’s my backpact: Simplicity

Simplicity: A simple, functional gate post photographed whilst traveling by bicycle in Bijaipur, Rajasthan. This clever device says so much about ingenuity and simplicity of a life conditioned by sun and rain. You see so much more when you travel … Continue reading

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My Weekly Photo: Summoning the Sun

A pile of leaves collected from the floor of a Eucalyptus glade, picked up by me at random while in Australia and stuffed in the pouch in my notebook, summons the warmth of the sun. Outside my window the arctic … Continue reading

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