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Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering

Dry Stonewall building is a meditative interlude from work. A stonewaller is an agent of the stones. He or she has all he needs right in front of him. He need only to pick up a stone and its place … Continue reading

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Travel Theme/Wheres my Backpack: Decoration

Ailsa’s calling for decoration in the current post. A bit clichéd I know but there’s little to compare with the carved surfaces of temples in India when it comes to decoration. The observer can only marvel at the complexity and … Continue reading

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Travel Theme: Delicate

http://wheresmybackpack.com/2013/11/01/travel-theme-delicate/ Consider the patience and concentration required to fashion delicate letters in stone. Perhaps a day after harvesting the corn in late summer, when the sun has departed and village folk are warming themselves by the fire and there being no witness, Ivor Jones [I.Jones] hurriedly scratched his … Continue reading


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Where’s My Backpack/ Travel theme: Stone

A walk along a beach on Victoria’s Pacific Ocean rim, makes us aware of the forces that once formed this rock and exposed the geology of a section of beach. These photos were taken with 100 metres of each other. What … Continue reading

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