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Haiku: Spring

Wake-up sleepy head Daff HQ’s calling all hands  There’s work to be done

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Out on two wheels exploring the spring countryside, travelling silently and fast with the companionship of hedgerow birds, grazing livestock, bumble bees and scudding clouds; I’m having fun and on the lookout for photographs.

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Travel Theme: Autumn

Autumn has a quality of melancholy; a change of light from bright yellow fresh green and gold to chromatic shades and hues, shadows from rain clouds and misty mornings. It’s the beginning of the end of Summer which we look … Continue reading

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On the Verge of Summer

Whether the bad weather in December/January had anything to do with this Spring or not, there’s an abundance of foliage in the verges; nature has exploded. This photo taken up on Bredon Hill a few miles from home walking Alfie … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

The true images of Northern Hemisphere Spring must be tulips and yellow, here in abundance along the Promenade in Cheltenham. In the UK Spring has burst forth in all it’s gorgeousness for us to enjoy. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/?dp_photo_challenge=spring click the link and … Continue reading


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

Simple little word, JOY Rhymezone.com has these references, not all of them I approve but 100 is a joyful number: 1. rejoice 2. delight 3. joyful 4. bliss 5. glee 6. joyless 7. gladden 8. happiness 9. pleasure 10. enjoyment … Continue reading

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