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Photo Challenge: Relax

On a beach in Cadiz I came upon a professional relaxer. Note the fact he has managed to open and fold a newspaper to read. His umbrella is adjustable and hands-free. His toes are in the wet cool sand. His … Continue reading

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Time

Time: a strange commodity. Though time is a reliable constant, how come we talk about saving time, lose time, make time, tell time, waste it, use it, keep it, have spare time, precious time, have no time, experience timelessness, be timely, … Continue reading

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Travel Theme: Autumn

Autumn has a quality of melancholy; a change of light from bright yellow fresh green and gold to chromatic shades and hues, shadows from rain clouds and misty mornings. It’s the beginning of the end of Summer which we look … Continue reading

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Is it Forward or is it Back?

Is it Forward or is it Back? It’s that time of year once more To do that thing we can’t ignore Can we remember which way it goes to warmth of spring or chill winter snows which way to make … Continue reading

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