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Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.” Where do I turn and return again and again? At the edge between the mass of the land and the infinity of the sea. On this seam one seems mortal, … Continue reading

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Where’s my Backpack/Travel Theme: Freedom

  Freedom’s another word for Nothing Left to Lose – Kris Kristofferson Bright sun, warm wind, soft sand, the endless ebb-and-flow of the foaming surf, gulls wheeling in a blue sky above a turquoise sea – it shouts freedom! http://wheresmybackpack/2014/12/12/travel-theme-freedom/ Click … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Horizons seem to want to exist at the point where the land and the sea meet the sky. Here are some ‘ends of the world’ as the Flat Earthers might have believed From this beach in Oman on the shore of … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Sydney Australia and Bondi Beach Life Savers Club Looking down at the waves of Bondi Beach crashing into the pools of the Life Savers Cub reminds us that the sea can be a dangerous place to enjoy both because of … Continue reading

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Where’s my Backpack/Travel Theme: Wild

We need reminding that a tranquil setting such as this on the rugged windswept coast of Pembroke National Park is the work of the wild sea which can, with its power and energy blast through solid rock to create wild … Continue reading

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Not more walking

You guessed it; another wet day dawned. Sometimes the task seems daunting in the foul weather, there’s not much enjoyment except to load on the miles and hope. The route suggests I take a circuitous arc of more than 20 … Continue reading

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