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Wheres My Backpack/tTravel Theme: Tangle

A A A tangle of fabric strips from a village in Rajasthan A tangle of rope  from the beach, Gower South Wales Aisle wanted to Tangle. Click the link below to get tangled http://wheresmybackpack.com/2015/05/24/travel-theme-tangle

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Travel Theme/Wheres My Backpack: Mischievous

Mischievous Milkmen in Bundi Provence, Rajasthan. Cycling through a hot afternoon outside Bundi, Rajasthan where I had come to celebrate the famous Step Wells, I stopped and dismounted to take a photograph. A motor bike drew up alongside me carrying a couple of milk-sellers on a mission; milk churns strapped to the sides … Continue reading


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Travel Theme/Wheres my Backpack: Decoration

Ailsa’s calling for decoration in the current post. A bit clichéd I know but there’s little to compare with the carved surfaces of temples in India when it comes to decoration. The observer can only marvel at the complexity and … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinity II (Ranakpur Jain Temple – more images)

Gilly asked me if I would post some more images of the Jain Temple at Ranakpur, Rajasthan. The 500 year old temple sits in a splendid walled compound in a State Nature Reserve, designed on an unusual cruciform axis. There are … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

Infinity boggles the mind. Consider the infinite carvings in this Jain Temple at Ranakpur where no one carving is the same as another. Considered the number artists who drew countless sketches of this endless design. Consider the number of masons, their conversations … Continue reading

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