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Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering

Dry Stonewall building is a meditative interlude from work. A stonewaller is an agent of the stones. He or she has all he needs right in front of him. He need only to pick up a stone and its place … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

A Trio of Trios; Beswick manufactured nuclear families of swallows, king fishers and mallards hang in rooms of our house today. They are a once and for ever symbol of an emerging middle-class of the 1950’s, the first home-buyers who wanted to … Continue reading


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Travel Theme/Where’s My Backpack: Framed

Framed: the gable end of a house in Braunston, Northamptonshire, UK A unique conservation project where the profile of three buildings through history have been conserved for posterity. The oldest, the medieval house, shows the end Cruck or Crook Frame and timber joists, … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Close-up

Dish water throughout the day, close-up. Not a very inspiring subject but an interesting variation on a theme not often examined. Click the link  below and find more close-ups; some down-right brilliant… http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_challenge/close-up

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

Odd, strange, weird, bizarre, humorous, sinister, threatening or just plain CREEPY. Something fishy is going on… Is this a coded reference appearing as it did on a car in the Spanish city of Cadiz, where fish have been trawled for … Continue reading

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Wheres My Backpack/Travel Theme: Old Fashioned

‘I don’t know about you but there’s nothing quite like the smell of sun-dried washing. Call it what you will but you can keep all the modern new-fangled ways of doing things, what? I’d be happy to return to the … Continue reading

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Weekly Post Photo Challenge: ROY G.BIV

The challenge was to represent the colours of the rainbow, individually or collectively. Today, Mid-summer Day finally decided to give us what we crave at this time of year: Sunshine. In the right place at the right time I caught … Continue reading

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Travel Theme/Wheresmybackpack.com/2016/14/06travel-theme-off-centre/

Most compositions are off-centre by some degree. Think how difficult it is to throw a dart to hit the bull-eye… Here’s a couple of intentional off-centres A wooden floor with an electrical socket access. I can’t help wanting to centre … Continue reading

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Wheres My Backpack/tTravel Theme: Tangle

A A A tangle of fabric strips from a village in Rajasthan A tangle of rope  from the beach, Gower South Wales Aisle wanted to Tangle. Click the link below to get tangled http://wheresmybackpack.com/2015/05/24/travel-theme-tangle

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Broken

The Photo Challenge this week is ‘Broken’…and cannot be repaired. I came upon this little broken bird on a track where our dog Alfie likes to walk among the tall grasses by the river. When we came upon this little … Continue reading

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