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Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

I tried my best to find a photograph of breathing but settled for the next best habitual behaviour; eating. Habit and necessity Here, a fast-food hall in Shanghai [click image to enlarge]

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Travel Theme: Connection

While out on my bike in August this year, cycling through the village of Birtsmorton in Worcestershire, I spider-gate; a gate wrought out of iron bars and welded in the fashion of a spider’s web. Unique perhaps. This gate offers a connection … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

Sapperton Tunnel Eerie in the sense of haunted, uncanny, mysterious, abandoned. The derelict and abandoned Sapperton Tunnel on the Severn and Thames canal near Cirencester is little known except by locals visiting Tunnel Inn, built to provide food and shelter for the ‘navvies’ … Continue reading

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Travel Theme: Delicate

http://wheresmybackpack.com/2013/11/01/travel-theme-delicate/ Consider the patience and concentration required to fashion delicate letters in stone. Perhaps a day after harvesting the corn in late summer, when the sun has departed and village folk are warming themselves by the fire and there being no witness, Ivor Jones [I.Jones] hurriedly scratched his … Continue reading

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Andrea blogged recently under the title ‘Forgotten’ seehttp://hereisandrea.wordpress.com/forgotten/ With her consent I offer a post on the theme ‘Forgotten’ showing a timber fishing boat, likely built at Mandvi across the mouth of the Gulf of Kutch, on a deserted beach some … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Horizons seem to want to exist at the point where the land and the sea meet the sky. Here are some ‘ends of the world’ as the Flat Earthers might have believed From this beach in Oman on the shore of … Continue reading

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Travel Close to Home: Birmingham City Library (new)

On September 3rd 2013 The City of Birmingham Public Library opened its revolving doors  to the public. Sitting high on Centenary Square,  the £188 million confection designed by Dutch  architects Mecannoo,  is the largest building of its kind in Europe; typical for … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue in you

I cannot make up my mind about this Post. The idea of posting a hue of one colour appeals to me but at the same time I’m turning towards ‘The Hue in ME’ and keeping it SIMPLE. I feel I … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinity II (Ranakpur Jain Temple – more images)

Gilly asked me if I would post some more images of the Jain Temple at Ranakpur, Rajasthan. The 500 year old temple sits in a splendid walled compound in a State Nature Reserve, designed on an unusual cruciform axis. There are … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

Music and Dance are for me the epitome of Carefree. I do a lot of it but in the privacy of my home! This photo of dancers outside a temple in Udaipur, Rajasthan in celebration of their many Gods

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