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Travel Theme/Wheres my Backpack: Decoration

Ailsa’s calling for decoration in the current post. A bit clichéd I know but there’s little to compare with the carved surfaces of temples in India when it comes to decoration. The observer can only marvel at the complexity and … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-second Story

This weeks Photo Challenge is to capture an image that tells the full story in a single frame. Make your own mind up about what happened next in this single frame. A joyful, noisy procession of devotees in Bhuj, Gujarat, … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Abando… India is littered with abandonment but what interested me in this little fading tableaux is its representation. Somewhere in the pile of abandoned bits I expect there can be found the remains of a donkey, a camel or a … Continue reading

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Andrea blogged recently under the title ‘Forgotten’ seehttp://hereisandrea.wordpress.com/forgotten/ With her consent I offer a post on the theme ‘Forgotten’ showing a timber fishing boat, likely built at Mandvi across the mouth of the Gulf of Kutch, on a deserted beach some … Continue reading


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

Infinity boggles the mind. Consider the infinite carvings in this Jain Temple at Ranakpur where no one carving is the same as another. Considered the number artists who drew countless sketches of this endless design. Consider the number of masons, their conversations … Continue reading

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Daily Post: The Art of the Open Letter

I was born in India in 1945, in a military hospital in Rawalpindi.  In I947, it became capital of Pakistan after the partition of India into Muslim (Pakistan) and Hindu (India). My mother arrived in India at the age of … Continue reading

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Weekly Writing Challenge: I remember

I remember It’s as if I remember it. I’m so taken by the photographs of my mother and her two young sons, together with a gathering of new friends sitting on deck chairs aboard a troopship heading west towards the … Continue reading

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Hero on a Honda – Revisited

I discovered quite by chance a 5 star review on Amazon by Judy Appleby. Should you be visiting India, or just want a good read, or perhaps know someone who has been or intends to visit that beguiling continent, read Hero … Continue reading

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