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Weekly Travel Theme: Routine

Somethings just can’t wait. The consequences of failing to follow a routine can be disastrous. That’s why we adhere to routine; its just easier when-alls-said-and-done…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Treasure countable noun: informal. A much loved or highly valued person or object. verb: keep carefully, bestow affection upon. Alfie Wagtail is a clear winner for this post. Day by day he becomes more and more part of us and … Continue reading

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100 Word Challenge: #118 A Sea of Faces

http://jfb57.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/100-word-challenge-for-grown-ups-week118/ A sea of faces The dog stopped short, his nose in the air. He’d picked up a strong scent of something beyond a small coppice. Before the owner was able to caution the dog, it set off crashing through … Continue reading

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Where’s My backpack/Travel Theme: Short

As a comparative adjective it’s hard to show ‘short’ in size without its habitual collocation ‘tall’. [being mindful of ‘small’ and ‘big’] Short is relatively smaller than tall and vice-versa. If showing length the collocation would be short and long. … Continue reading

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Alfie Wagster: Alfie’s chums after a night on the pomegranate cordial

Alfie has chewed his way through many things for which there is no record. This identity parade will ensure some at least of his chums live on beyond his unconditional love. Left to right: Mouse (much patched) Teddy 1 (headless), … Continue reading

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Michelles Weekly Pet Challenge: Meet Alfie Wagster

Alfie Wagster: Springer/Bichon-cross, irrepressible, lunatic, and adorable. Approaching six months…

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Pop-Up Blog: Stealing Days

A summer of hot sun and lazy days has given way to cooler, wetter and windier weather. Autumn, and the harvest done, the hedgerows are abundant with berries to eat and nuts to store in winter larders. Suddenly a bright sunny … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

Very strange. I’m taking a photograph of my dog, Blog and a peloton of Giro d’Italia cyclists passed by in the background, and disappeared.

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