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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Careful

‘Careful’ came the warning from roustabout aboard the cantilevered section of the awesome suspension road bridge linking the historic city of Cadiz with the mainland as another section is craned off the tender anchored in the Bay of Cadiz and … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

Odd, strange, weird, bizarre, humorous, sinister, threatening or just plain CREEPY. Something fishy is going on… Is this a coded reference appearing as it did on a car in the Spanish city of Cadiz, where fish have been trawled for … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

Like the genius Gilly before me, I tried to avoid the vessel upon the water so I searched and found a photo I took after rain in Cadiz. A palm tree reflected in a puddle appears to be afloat on … Continue reading

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Travel Theme/Where’s my Backpack: Industry

Lithography Museum of Cadiz, San Roque (Lithography: from the Greek ‘lithos’, stone and ‘graphein’, to write) This  wonderful museum is home to over a thousand printing stones bearing witness to the thriving commercial and industrial economy of the city. These giant machine … Continue reading

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100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups: #161

100 words for grown-ups #161 100 words of priceless doggerel When I was sixty-nine, it was a very good year for enjoying life, Alfie our puppy and Lynne my wife I finally got to go to Cadiz; what an ancient … Continue reading

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Travel Theme/Where’s my Backpack: Above

Above As I ride the ferry from Cadiz, soaring above me is reputed to be the tallest suspension bridge in Europe under construction to be called la Pepa Bridge built to link the city of Cadiz with the mainland at Puerto Real, begun in … Continue reading

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Angular

Angular; having angles This challenge has nothing to do with Angela Merkel, German Chancellor nor is it anything to do with the joint between leg and foot, Germanic people from central Europe who inhabited England in the 5th century, or fishing. … Continue reading

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Walk the Line

Cadiz Tourist Line Walking is essential, even vital to the exploration of new places and indeed for the reacquainting of familiar places; to walk at other times of the day and in different seasons. That is not to say that … Continue reading

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On the Job

A monster Magnolia Fig tree some one thousand years old… a href=”https://2far2shout.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/p1010785.jpg”&gt;</ On the Job Writing outside in the open air is like swimming with no clothes. Apart from the exhilaration, there’s an elicit thrill just below the surface of … Continue reading

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Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain

Cadiz, Andalucia, at the terminus of road and rail, is surrounded by the sea except for a narrow isthmus. It is reportedly the oldest continuous settlement in Europe and still very much alive. It’s a stunning city, where relics of … Continue reading

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