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Photo Challenge: Relax

On a beach in Cadiz I came upon a professional relaxer. Note the fact he has managed to open and fold a newspaper to read. His umbrella is adjustable and hands-free. His toes are in the wet cool sand. His … Continue reading

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: State of Mind

Sometimes a picture speaks for itself. State of Mind might suggest CHAOS. Yet… This is a photo is some pickings from high water at a beach at Gower in South Wales on a bright sunny summer morning heading for breakfast … Continue reading

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Where’s my Backpack/Travel Theme: Freedom

  Freedom’s another word for Nothing Left to Lose – Kris Kristofferson Bright sun, warm wind, soft sand, the endless ebb-and-flow of the foaming surf, gulls wheeling in a blue sky above a turquoise sea – it shouts freedom! http://wheresmybackpack/2014/12/12/travel-theme-freedom/ Click … Continue reading

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Where’s My Backpack/ Travel theme: Stone

A walk along a beach on Victoria’s Pacific Ocean rim, makes us aware of the forces that once formed this rock and exposed the geology of a section of beach. These photos were taken with 100 metres of each other. What … Continue reading

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