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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Pure

Pure is when every instrument in the orchestra is giving maximum output. To see more Photograph Chalenges go to WordPress Weekly Photograph Challenge

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Numbers

Photograph taken in Wyre Forest Worcestershire, 26 square miles of managed and unmanaged woodland. These trees recently felled and numbered. I have no idea what the numbers represent; length, weight, destination or numbers for the lottery next weekend. Who knows. … Continue reading

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Spare

A frugal challenge this week and I’ve been wracking my brains for a creative post; driven spare you might say. So I give you ‘spare’ meaning one extra: the spare wheel on my Subaru Legacy.  When did you last look … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant

Tewkesbury Abbey surfaces in a sea of buttercups; joyous indeed…a feeling of great happiness. weekly-photo-challenge-jubilant

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

The Malvern Hills – British Camp The part of our earth not covered with water is Land. Land is an unmade bed of hills, valleys and plains. It’s the up bits, the hills and mountains, that draw us, better seen … Continue reading

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Out on two wheels exploring the spring countryside, travelling silently and fast with the companionship of hedgerow birds, grazing livestock, bumble bees and scudding clouds; I’m having fun and on the lookout for photographs.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration   

Any person who can grow a mature silver birch like this one in the style of a parasol, deserves our admiration…

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Travel Theme: Dazzling

A new building in Shanghai wearing its pyjamas

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract Photo Challenge: Sedimentary rock outcrops at Long Beach New South Wales Definition of Abstract: Using colour and shape to create an effect rather than attempting real life accurately. Here, real life giving the impression of something not real, or … Continue reading

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: State of Mind

Sometimes a picture speaks for itself. State of Mind might suggest CHAOS. Yet… This is a photo is some pickings from high water at a beach at Gower in South Wales on a bright sunny summer morning heading for breakfast … Continue reading

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