Weekly Photograph Challenge: tiny

A child’s tri-cycle abandoned in a derelict industrial building.

The tri-cycle is tiny, made minuscule by the scale of the building, once cute and tiny it now looks sinister.  Where is the child, why is it abandoned, what’s it doing there?

I took this photograph as subject of a story, a fiction I thought I’d write. I’ve decided the story would have to be crime-fiction but I’m not easy in that genre. I could never write that story. Such a tiny thing in a world of drama, abduction, abandonment and perhaps even murder. 

No thanks

I could write a happy story but in my head there is this other tiny story waiting to get out, waiting to be written…
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  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    I thought there are stories to be told as soon as I saw this, but I’m with you on crime stuff, not my scene at all. Sure there isn’t a different angle though?

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