Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

Water water everywhere…

Here water is contained and harnessed to drive the Industrial Revolution through networks of canals dug by hand by gangs of ‘navigators’ known as ‘navvies’. Canals were overtaken and gradually replaced by improved roads and railways. By the 1950’s the canal network had all but disappeared. Groups of dedicated enthusiasts began restoring canals and locks and eventual received support of River Authorities as restoration began to win the battle against neglect and abandonment.


Today canals and locks help us to remember our industrial past and provides us with an opportunity to enjoy a unique form of holiday afloat narrow boats on the restored waterways of the canal network of Great Britain.

Water water everywhere…

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  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Exeter canal featured on tv last night. It’s the oldest ship canal in the country, which I knew. What i didn’t know is that it was still used to deliver goods to the city until the 60’s. They’ve left us with a wonderful resource and natural environment haven’t they? I love your first photo.

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