Weekly Photograph Challenge: Detail

If you are going to an event in a place you are not familiar with you need to know the details before-hand.

Last weekend the town Tewkesbury ‘celebrated’ the 1471 gruesome Battle of Tewkesbury, were two armies slugged it out in a Bloody Meadow for the throne of England. Last weekend, as tradition decrees, several thousand enthusiast swapped casual wear for period costumes and strolled through the medieval tented village where crafts persons plied there skills and wares before the battle got underway. In the shadow of Tewkesbury’s splendid Abbey Church a notice tied on gate provided DETAILS several events (voluntary).

By evening alternative events appeared including one offering ‘skirmishes and beheadings’.

If you didn’t have details it’s likely you’d have missed the event or been left hanging around .

See: WordPress weekly-photo-challenge for more Details

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  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Well I’m glad you kept your head long enough to tell us about it!

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