Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

The Malvern Hills – British Camp

The part of our earth not covered with water is Land.

Land is an unmade bed of hills, valleys and plains. It’s the up bits, the hills and mountains, that draw us, better seen from a distance.

British Camp on the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire  is a big lump of landscape elongated north to south. To the west the empty rolling wooded hills of the Welsh Borders to The Black Hills, Sugar Loaf and beyond. To the east is the flat Vale of Evesham and the extensive floodplain of the lazy River Severn.

This  awesome Earth

Here is a walkers paradise.

British Camp is the remains of an Iron Age fort thought to be constructed in the 2nd century BC and possibly a Roman Encampment there-after and later abandonned.

The hills were formed during the pre-Cambrian period thought to be between 500 or 800 million years ago and containing the  oldest rocks in GB; a mixture of sedimentary (sandstone) ignius (granite) resulting in a varied landscape of hills, lakes, springs, providing inspiration, creativity and some of the best hill walking in the country with its steep hills, deep gorges and spectacular views to all points of the compass.

Find The Kettle Sings cafe with spectacular view west. Drink from many clear springs issuing forth; the extraction of many springs is owned by Coca Cola. (These, not Coca Cola flavoured)

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    Stunning landscape, but it looks like killer walking to me!

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