Weekly Photograph Challenge: Now

A remote cemetery on the side of The Malvern Hills at Hollybush I passed while wet walking with Alfie yesterday. I was surprised to see it. I stopped to look. 

I knew it was there for I’d seen it many times over the years but never looked properly. So many of the head-stones were in the company of cut flowers, pots of plants and happy memories and solemn absence.

 A NOW moment, impressed upon me otherwise plodding a walk and struggling to keep my balance in the mud.

Happy New Year to you all….. 



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2 Responses to Weekly Photograph Challenge: Now

  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Fascinating places cemeteries, thank goodness for the flowers here, without them it wold be very gloomy u der the grey sky.
    Happy 2016 my dear x 🙂 x

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