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Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.” Where do I turn and return again and again? At the edge between the mass of the land and the infinity of the sea. On this seam one seems mortal, … Continue reading

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Wheres My Backpack/Travel Theme: Old Fashioned

‘I don’t know about you but there’s nothing quite like the smell of sun-dried washing. Call it what you will but you can keep all the modern new-fangled ways of doing things, what? I’d be happy to return to the … Continue reading

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Weekly Post Photo Challenge: ROY G.BIV

The challenge was to represent the colours of the rainbow, individually or collectively. Today, Mid-summer Day finally decided to give us what we crave at this time of year: Sunshine. In the right place at the right time I caught … Continue reading

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Travel Theme/

Most compositions are off-centre by some degree. Think how difficult it is to throw a dart to hit the bull-eye… Here’s a couple of intentional off-centres A wooden floor with an electrical socket access. I can’t help wanting to centre … Continue reading


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-season

Christie’s Challenge is ‘Off Season’.  Amongst other thoughts she suggested we adopt a wide brief to consider objects ‘…rested and unmoved…’ The other morning I found on my desk the ‘skeleton’ of a spider only a  cm or so wide. … Continue reading

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In My Garden – Horsetail

For Shade

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Travel Theme/Wheresmybackpack: Handmade

Handmade When I’m not writing, daydreaming, walking the Alfie, trying to get to sleep, wondering when the summer coming, I need to be doing things with my hands. At the moment I’m absorbed making scale models of houses from my … Continue reading

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Weekly Photograph Chalenge: Vivid

Here is a shop window as ART using contrast of light and dark with vivid colours to great effect; mannequins disappear and the clothes float as if suspended. The shop is Cult Clothing in Cheltenham. Fab-u-luss click this link … Continue reading

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: On the Way (up)

On the way (IN) Birmingham Library, England. Designed by Francine Houben of Mecanoo Architecten. High tech, post-modern in design. MODERN On the way (OUT) Two for the price of one: WordPress weekly photo challenge AND Travel themes: the way … Continue reading

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