Weekly Photograph Challenge: Forces of Nature

The edges of continents are witness to evidence of the forces of nature; huge tidal surges with flooding, destructive wind and wave power and the ‘drip drip’ destruction over time, rain wind and tide nibbling at coastal fringes.

On a bright warm spring day at the Gower Peninsular in South Wales, its easy to forget the forces of nature have punched holes through solid rock, brought down huge chunks of cliff and thrown them in the sea while wind and rain has sculpted Three Cliffs Bay and where a gentle stream has worn away a ‘soft’ alluvial section of the coast and washed it out to sea.

The day we played on the wide sandy beaches, the chaotic landscape was benign, leaving imagination to create the noise of rocks splitting, the howling wind and crashing surf – the forces of nature at work.






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  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Fabulous, I love to go there but Wales is never nice to me!

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