Weekly Photo Challenge:Wall

Ailsa has given us ‘Wall’ as Weekly Photo Challenge

Walls have many and various uses. Here are just a few…

Here an ancient dry-stone-wall quarried locally or heft from the land to create pasture. Built for the purpose of enclosure, now derelict and abandoned, already beginning its journey back to the earth.

At the cathedral in Herez, Andalucia, Spain this tall wall marks a boundary between public realm and the private gardens  beyond; KEEP OUT, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME.

A low wall is a good place to sit and rest.

…where this wall is a boundary between two distinct zones: beach and walk way.

Characteristic of cityscapes, walls are perfect for posting events, tear off the old and add a new, eventually becoming 2d works of art.

This red brick barn end-wall incorporates ventilation holes to prevent damp.

During the time of war and conflict we were told not to engage in conversation about the war; Walls have Ears….😨

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