Travel Theme/Where’s my Backpack: Industry

Lithography Museum of Cadiz, San Roque

(Lithography: from the Greek ‘lithos’, stone and ‘graphein’, to write)

This  wonderful museum is home to over a thousand printing stones bearing witness to the thriving commercial and industrial economy of the city. These giant machine printed money, labels for cans, wine bottles and chocolate, playing cards, advertisements for bull fighting and boxing, posters, cigar bands, maps, civil and religious certificates and many other documents, much of it exported to European countries and the New World.

Designs were cut in reverse into the stones by hand and printed on massive printing machines imported from France and Germany in the mid-19th century.

It’s not hard to imagine the noisy, oily, inky, sweaty industrious environment of these working printers and marvel at the complexity of their design and manufacture, when you stand next to one of these  magnificent machines.

cadiz 118

cadiz 119

Cadiz 239

cadiz 121

cadiz 113

Cadiz 233

Thanks to Ailsa for this challenge. Click the link below to find more industry:


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6 Responses to Travel Theme/Where’s my Backpack: Industry

  1. Nurul Lubis says:

    I imagine if we still use this machinery nowadays.
    The last photo is cool..

    Check mine at:

  2. Osyth says:

    Fantastic pieces of machinery … and those stones – breathtaking what our fore-fathers did. I’m rather a luddite so these appeal instantly.

  3. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Wonderful machines, just think where would we be without them? Heidelberg are still around now aren’t they? I’m sure I remember my ex husband using them, many years ago when he was a printer.

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