100 Word Challenge FGU: #157

…and so it begins…

Sitting on the top step unknowingly rocking from side to side while two people I once knew tear each other to bits. It’s about money, misunderstandings, dashed hopes and forgotten dreams, entrapment, mistrust and whatever’s the opposite of love.

It happens more often, lasts longer and becomes more hurtful until the familiar silence descends…and so it begins…he starts to  cry gently at first.

She sighs and turns up the volume on the TV.

I tiptoe to the darkness of my room. Somehow I fall asleep knowing it will begin again tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after.



Here’s the link to Julia’s page…

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5 Responses to 100 Word Challenge FGU: #157

  1. Gut wrenching. So sad, but good reading.

  2. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Tony this is heartbreaking, I wonder how many children live with scenarios like this.

    • 2far2shout says:

      Perhaps morethan we will everknow. Nuclear family is always the best; i have a lot of time for the kibutz system on isreal where a child has many siblins and parents ( not all biological parents ) thanks for your comment

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