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As I ride the ferry from Cadiz, soaring above me is reputed to be the tallest suspension bridge in Europe under construction to be called la Pepa Bridge built to link the city of Cadiz with the mainland at Puerto Real, begun in 2007, due to be completed in 2010 but as you can see, not nearly complete. la Pepa is the nick-name of Josephine, the name given to the New  Constitution written in Cadiz and delivered in 1812.

Looking up, I’m glad its not finished otherwise as it stands, what the eye can see looks to be impossible to achieve. The 4 road lanes (4 vehicle and 2 tram) will be 70m above the bay and the supporting towers 180 m high, spanning 3000m.

Truly awesome!









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2 Responses to Travel Theme/Where’s my Backpack: Above

  1. Amy says:

    Amazing! Great photos of the tallest suspension bridge in Europe!

  2. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Well there’s my answer! Bridges confuse my little brain, I can never understand the construction.

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