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Travel Theme/Where’s my Backpack: Above

Above As I ride the ferry from Cadiz, soaring above me is reputed to be the tallest suspension bridge in Europe under construction to be called la Pepa Bridge built to link the city of Cadiz with the mainland at Puerto Real, begun in … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

Converge: where the eye is led kicking and screaming to the vanishing point Come together and see more offers to converge: click the link

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Angular

Angular; having angles This challenge has nothing to do with Angela Merkel, German Chancellor nor is it anything to do with the joint between leg and foot, Germanic people from central Europe who inhabited England in the 5th century, or fishing. … Continue reading

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Every Child Is The Same

All of this wisdom firmly makes the point that too many children go to school too early; long before they’re ready…give me the child until he/she is seven…

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100 Word Challenge: Read the Instructions He slipped out of bed as quietly as he could, gathered up his clothes, catching sight of his underpants on her dressing table. Between the curtains a sliver of light heralded the golden dawn of a new day; the … Continue reading


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Where’s my Backpack: Belonging

Weekly Photo Challenge – Belonging In this photograph everyone belongs to the group in various degrees but never-the-less,  for that snapshot in time they all belong to this group. The photograph confirms the members of the group and over time … Continue reading

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A glimpse of a retreating Autumn

A glimpse of retreating Autumn outside the back door at Squirrel Cottage, Conderton, Worcestershire. Funny, I usually prefer the blue hydrangea…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalism

Minimalism: The simplest and fewest elements uses to create maximum effect. Less is More… Click to see more of less

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Travel Theme: Autumn

Autumn has a quality of melancholy; a change of light from bright yellow fresh green and gold to chromatic shades and hues, shadows from rain clouds and misty mornings. It’s the beginning of the end of Summer which we look … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

Deep in the wooded hills of Andalucía are a number of stunningly beautiful White Villages, Los Pueblos Blancos. Here in Algodonales, terraces of white cottages tumble down the hill sides. Much in evidence are wrought-iron grills over windows and doors. … Continue reading

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