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Cadiz Tourist Line

Walking is essential, even vital to the exploration of new places and indeed for the reacquainting of familiar places; to walk at other times of the day and in different seasons. That is not to say that on a bicycle, in a car coach or train cannot achieve some of the same objectives; through walking, more than any other way, you are interacting directly with the environment around you. Immersed in its sights and sounds, smells and pulse. Walking enables you to be free wander, to ferret around, climb steps, peep into courtyards, eavesdrop on conversations, to loose yourself.

So it is in Cadiz. In fact, owing to its compact heart, it’s alleyways like veins and arteries, it’s encircling neckless of wall and strangulation by the encircling sea, there is really no other way to explore.

The Ayuntamiento de Cadiz has produced the Cadiz Tourist Line; a dashed clever guide to most of the important sites of the city, similar to graphic of mass transit maps, it comprises 4 walking routes, colour coded and painted on the unforgiving streets of the old town. Each walk is themed, very simple to use and complemented by a handy double A4 folding paper plan. I’ve not seen the likes before; if you have, you can go off and explore while I share CTL with the uninitiated.





The 4 themes are 1. Medieval District (1.8km), 2. Castles and Bastions (7km), 3. Shippers to the Indies (2.8km)(Cortez and Columbus set sail from here) 4. Cadiz Constitution (2.2km)
This is ‘self-service’ tourism; come and go as you please, cross-pollinate, do it backwards but importantly in a higglety-pigglety Bolognese of alleys and plazas it helps orientation. You just can’t get lost, what’s more streets and plazas are safe and lit all night long.

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If for no other reason, after a few glasses of Rioja the coloured line make for an amusing challenge.


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