Ancient Oak – The Hole Mystery

In the background of one of these photos you can just see my car.
That sets roughly the scale of the ancient giant oak, minding its own business In a muddy field.
I was unable to measure its girth but I suspect it’s about 300 hundred years old, maybe older.

Not uncommonly the core of the tree is hollow but there’s no way for a person or an animal to get inside.

Note the hole. Someone has made a ‘modern’ hole on the side of the tree unseen from the road and done most probably with a chainsaw. Secretly.

Why? Why a square shape? Is there something hidden in the hollow tree?

Did someone have the idea of putting in an ATM?
What do you think?

I suspect the thief knew the value of a piece of oak ‘burr’.
Was the chunk removed to be fixed to a lathe and turned into a bowl which would fetch a pretty penny for a skilled craftsman?

Who knows…it’s a mystery.

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  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Oh no that makes me so angry! What a beautiful, wise old being that tree is.

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