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Travel Theme/Where’s My Backpack: Meeting Places

North West of Samail in the interior of Oman devotees flock to a market at the time of Eid. The market among date palms for coolness is a show-room for chickens, goat, and beef cattle eagerly sort after to cook and … Continue reading

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100 Word Challenge: Facing the Sea

100 word challenge #140 – Facing the Sea Facing the Sea ‘It’s because we’re an island,’ he said with authority though she hadn’t asked the question. He continues unaware… ‘From earliest times we’ve looked out to sea. It represents the … Continue reading


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Ancient Oak – The Hole Mystery

In the background of one of these photos you can just see my car. That sets roughly the scale of the ancient giant oak, minding its own business In a muddy field. I was unable to measure its girth but … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

Containers. Containers/vessels/packaging of all kinds/ cars/ trains /busses/the houses in which we live/mobile phones and computers contain massive data/books contain thoughts words and descriptions/in our own heads the memory, (diminishing) contained therein is yet another kind of container. Rather than … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

Relic, something that has fallen into disuse over time but worthy of preservation, as is this very rare Bee Shelter at Hartpury St Mary’s Church in Gloucestershire. The shelter, carved in Cotswold stone by stonemason Paul Tuffley, shows gable wall … Continue reading

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Travel Theme/Wheres my Backpack: Decoration

Ailsa’s calling for decoration in the current post. A bit clichéd I know but there’s little to compare with the carved surfaces of temples in India when it comes to decoration. The observer can only marvel at the complexity and … Continue reading

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Travel theme and Weekly photo challenge.

I feel cast adrift without a rudder on a dangerous foreign water. Did I sail past my favourite challenges or perhaps a freak wind captured the posts and whisked them from my grasp leaving no trace? Is there Where’s my … Continue reading

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