Travel Theme/Wheresmybackpack: Cities

The essence of ‘City’ is diversity and choice; the bigger the city the greater the greater the diversity and choice.
Typically a city is the seat of government over a region, characterised by grand civic buildings and symbols of power:



Art galleries, Museums and Seats of Learning:



Shops and Parks:




…and Entertainment.

Sporting facilities, Transport hubs, Satellite/Suburbs, litter, graffiti and streets paved with gold.
That would be the City of Birmingham, once the Workshop of the World…


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2 Responses to Travel Theme/Wheresmybackpack: Cities

  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    I’d like to explore Birmingham for a few days, your photos make it very tempting.

    • 2far2shout says:

      Birmingham has attitude, lots of it. It rails against the progress of Manchester and Liverpool, clutching defiantly to its label ‘Second City’ to London.’It aint pritty’ and looks better if you don’t have too high an expectation. It has some of the best Pre-Raf paintings in the wonderful Museum and Art Gallery, the best shopping in the revived Bull Ring and associated open market…you’d love the market. It has that big city feel about it. Compared to its two great rivals aforementioned, it’s football teams are markedly inferior…don’t forget to go into the new library when you visit (by train via the newly expanded New Street station)
      Thanks for your comments, as always.

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