Travel Theme/Where’s my backpack?: Glow

Ailsa wants us to get up and GLOW

Fancy a ride on the dodgems luv?
Neon light of the fairground glows against the night sky.


The Mop Fair visits Tewkesbury and surrounding towns once a year in early September. The fair has origins as a job fair. People wanting work and those seeking workers would attend the fair and strike deals. Those souls eager for any kind if employment would carry a mop to signify they were for hire.

Nowadays the fair fills the streets of the little town, bringing garish lights, pounding music, goldfish, dodgems and candyfloss. Screams of amazement and delight rise into the dark night sky from breath-taking rides along with the rattle of skittles and gruesome laughter from wobbly haunted houses. Lads on the Waltzer scan crowds for cheeky girls.

It’s a Get-up-and-glow kind of experience.

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  1. dadirri7 says:

    who runs the fair now? are they ‘carnies’?

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