100 word challenge for Grown Ups #130

Thanks Julia. Sorry I’m a bit late.

…..but it has nuts in it….

When’s the boat ready?
I’m not sure let me check my phone. Yep, launch in two weeks
Cricky. Have we got a name?
Err, maybe not. I seem to remember FantaSea was your idea.
That’s right. Is that it? Is that the name?
Maybe. Lets barnstorm. What about Crewless?
Yeh that’s good. Umm. What about Piano Tuna, there’ll be a piano?
OK but that’s a bit clever. What about Knotacrew, ships and knots and knots, crew and clue?
You know, you are completely nuts don’t you?
So? The boat will be full of them, I expect.
That’s the name then!


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  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Very well spotted Tony, it’s amazing how a photo turns out to be useful!

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