Is it Forward or is it Back?

Is it Forward or is it Back?

It’s that time of year once more
To do that thing we can’t ignore
Can we remember which way it goes
to warmth of spring or chill winter snows
which way to make the days long
marvel at the thrush’s song
Or, perhaps glance over our shoulder
to the time we recall is colder
stormforce winds and icy blasts
accept daily warning forecasts
to metaphorically hibernate
Grateful it’s a temporary phase we tolerate
until time comes round again
an event no-one can explain
there really is no choice
thus I may’st evermore rejoice
in this annoying bazaar reason
to recalibrate the change of season
seek out our watches and clocks
and with help from a whisky on the rocks
try to remember what we did last November.

Is it forward or is it Back?

(I look FORWARD to Spring – do you need an aide memoir?)

About 2far2shout

outstanding in my own field OU creative writing A215 2011 slow traveller wild swimmer day dreamer Short Story winner
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3 Responses to Is it Forward or is it Back?

  1. Jenni says:

    We’re looking forward to winter on this side of the world since summer/autumn have been indistinguishable this year – both seriously hot.

  2. 2far2shout says:

    Gosh Gilly. From you that’s high praise. You’ve made me really happy. Thanks

  3. Lucid Gypsy says:

    This is fab Tony, I love it!

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