Flight MH370


Today I can’t take my mind off the news of Flight MH370 and those trapped in that aeroplane; flight crew, flight attendants and passengers hurtling through the atmosphere on an unknown mission, in the air for more than five hours since the steep banking turn took them on a south-westerly course to who knows where. Todays news suggests deep into the Southern Oceans.

I can’t get thoughts out of my mind so I do domestic chores but to no avail.

I’ve watched the safety routines before take-off a thousand times, though as yet un-learned. Will the o2 mask come down when expected, will I be able to get to an emergency exit, how cold will the water be in the ocean, can I make a fire in an endless desert. What will it be like…?

The crew will have training to deal with passengers out of control, but a whole plane load? Will some be sneaking a cigarette in the toilet, will drinks be served, will muzac dull the senses, will the barrier between the classes be respected. Thoughts of family and friends, future plans and memories of the past will be unavoidable, pre-occupy the mind; anything but thoughts of the present.

Does anyone know what went on up there in the sky?

I just cannot imagine what it must be like and because of that, I cannot get the thoughts out of my mind.
I’m unable to be positive.
Writing helps a great deal

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5 Responses to Flight MH370

  1. dadirri7 says:

    such a strange puzzle, so sad and tragic, they think they may have found something today … elusive traces in the southern ocean …

  2. I too am quite obsessed by it – avid for any information, and at a loss to explain any of the scenarios. A plane, disappearing? It just doesn’t makes sense.

  3. Lucid Gypsy says:

    I can’t help but think of Kuala Lumpur airport and flying in and out with Malaysia Airlines. I’m beginning to think this mystery will never be resolved.

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