Confidence: Who needs it and how do you get some?

The beastly floods have gone…good riddence

Confidence is a mercurial condition, fluid and unreliable.
Contrary to the persona I project (learned when at Boarding School) I’m not a confident person. I can be, but it’s hard work and takes its toll.

I recently won 1st prize in a Flash Fiction competition and was completely blown over; though I entered, I had little doubt I could ever be in the reckoning. How wrong I was…

A pat on the back can do wonders and we all need one, now and sometimes again. I don’t believe there is anyone who doesn’t need a little boost some time.

So now I’m trying to be the success I have become and doing a little personal PR; sharing my still uncertain confidence.

If you care to read my story of 500 words called Pauline’s Particular Predicament, copy the above link into your browser, read the judges comments then click on my story title. (you should find it high-lit in green)

I hope you enjoy a very short story.


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outstanding in my own field OU creative writing A215 2011 slow traveller wild swimmer day dreamer Short Story winner
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2 Responses to Confidence: Who needs it and how do you get some?

  1. Madhu says:

    Masterful writing Tony! I love the snazzy alliteration 🙂 Congratulations! That is a well deserved pat on the back 🙂

  2. dadirri7 says:

    perhaps a prettier prose has previously eluded me, praise be, playful pleasure thank you Tony! PS so pleased the floods are receding 🙂

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