Wheres my Backpack/Travel Theme: Dry

Where’s my backpack: Ailsa has given us a challenge to show DRY. Here I share a few of my photos from Oman, most of the time a very dry place.


A Wadi is a water course created by run-off of heavy rainfall in the rainy season and DRY through the remainder of the year. This photograph is one of several Wadis in Samail, Oman. The width of the Wadi is the extent of the inundation in the rainy season. It is not unusual at times for showers at night to fill water eroded troughs in the bed rock.


Here a small village on the edge of the wadi recently evacuated as the water table has shifted and the occupants are no longer able to grow Date Palms.


Dates from palms are both a traded currency and food and shade for man and animals


Date palms are a measure of a family’s wealth both monetary and symbolic. To abandon a date crop is a most severe loss. A concrete wall appears in the fore-ground. A-top the wall is an irrigation channel that would have been a costly final attempt to save the date palms; perhaps too little and too late.


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  2. Madhu says:

    That looks devastatingly dry. We do not realise the impact of drought on families here until we read of farmers suicides.

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  4. dadirri7 says:

    it does look very dry, even the most hardy species need some water …

  5. Lucid Gypsy says:

    How sad to see the loss of the palms.

  6. sueslaght says:

    So sad about the date trees.

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