Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm

Michelle asks us to write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination.

Three-card Trick

Three brothers Jacob, Sean and Oscar, in descending order of age, are brought up by dysfunctional parents at constant war with each other in a sequence of apparently exotic locations; India, Africa and North America.

Jacob is the responsible first-born destined for a mediocre strait-line of a corporate life while harbouring deep resentment towards his parents and his brothers for a life of brooding uncertainty.

Sean slides through life caring little for convention. He drifts into various jobs and too many relationships when in his forties, as the family gather for Christmas in Vermont, he disappears without trace or warning sending shock waves of self-examination and doubt through everyone, each in his/her own way.

Oscar is the baby, the innocent soul who arrives unexpectedly a decade after his brothers and he’s spoilt rotten by his mother who vows to be at each step he walks through life. In spite of close attention he proves to be fiercely independent and determines to become the leader of a bizarre cult linked to the Juju men of West Africa.

The story of the family is told separately by each brother whose unique observations reveal a stark and sometimes frighteningly different view of the same events.

The reader is on a bumpy journey never sure which interpretation of events is the closest to reality until……


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