Daily Prompt: Mirror Mirror on the Wall


Mirror mirror on the wall, who the hell is that? Security! Security! (where are they when you want them, then 3 come at once – no that’s busses; they take you for a ride just the same)
Some total nutcase has invaded my blog.
Get the hell out of here and don’t show your face ever again. You’re not welcome, do you hear me? Not welcome at all. Buzz off.


Who the hell was that? Scared me out of my wits.


He looked like some lunatic making a brave escape from a life of drudgery. I sort of feel sorry for him. He might be an alright kind of bloke…


Strange isn’t it just when we think we know who we are, some hijacker invades the space and frightens the living daylights of you.
Its all this Social Media, the whole things got out of hand. Difficult to get a few moments to yourself.


Come to think of it, he did look familiar some how. Perhaps I’ve seen him before somewhere, some other mirror, perhaps a shop window or reflection in a puddle? I should lift my chin up more and adopt a more positive outlook on life?


Maybe I should replace the mirror… but then it’s said beauty is in the eye of the beholder. New eyes then? I’ll see to it right away….


Wait. Don’t be in such a hurry. Best not to rush things, give it some thought.
I’ll be back for sure…Now where was I?

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