Where’s My Backpack: Silver

Ailsa introduced the title ‘SILVER’ for us to interpret. She talked about ‘the silver lining’, hope against adversity, a glass full outlook, positive thinking. I’m showing SILVER, the precious metal.

People who invest are ‘silver lining’ people always anticipating (in the short and long term) a surge in value, a return for the risk they take, speculating against the odds.

Here in graphic form is the History of Silver as of 18th January 2014, a snapshot of the value of the precious metal on the world exchanges.
Each rise and fall will be a response to demand, circumstances such as earthquakes, wars and conflicts, elections and politics, the economy and, like all precious natural commodities, availability and cost of mining.
The state of the market is a barometer of global activity, an enormous hour-glass from which investors and speculators respond to the effects of rise and fall of confidence in the markets and change in our world.

Silver Price Per Kilo
(please click to read graphic)

It would be possible to create a graph of our personal journey through life, it’s up and downs, against the backdrop of circumstances over time.



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