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Weekly Writing Challenge; Leave Your Shoes at the Door

Rarasaur challenges us to write in someone else’s shoes. Here I offer a Split Perspective, the same situation from two viewpoints in Flash mode.   ‘Good weather for ducks,’ he heard the old tramp say with false enthusiasm.The surgeon stopped … Continue reading


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100 Word Challenge: #118 A Sea of Faces A sea of faces The dog stopped short, his nose in the air. He’d picked up a strong scent of something beyond a small coppice. Before the owner was able to caution the dog, it set off crashing through … Continue reading

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Travel Theme: Wood

Ailsa asked for wood, she wood woodn’t she… A cross-section or cross-cut through a WOODEN railway sleeper, typically 250mm x 150m x 2.6m. This sleeper is oak, soaked in creosote to prevent insect infestation and after I don’t know how many … Continue reading

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Weekly Photograph Challenge; Juxtapostion

This is now, sadly a familiar juxtaposition. A woman kneels in front to riot police in Kiev yesterday (courtesy of tumblr) in the vain hope her pleading will make a difference. The flapping of butterfly wings……the idea that an incredibly … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm

Michelle asks us to write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination. Three-card Trick Three brothers Jacob, Sean and Oscar, in descending order of age, are brought up … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Mirror Mirror on the Wall Mirror mirror on the wall, who the hell is that? Security! Security! (where are they when you want them, then 3 come at once – no that’s busses; they take you for a ride just the same) Some total … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

I agree with Lucid Gypsy – Travel brings with it opportunities to meet people. It is my experience, shared I know with many travellers, that the poorest people are the most generous. A short motorbike ride from Udaipur into the … Continue reading

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Where’s My Backpack: Silver

Ailsa introduced the title ‘SILVER’ for us to interpret. She talked about ‘the silver lining’, hope against adversity, a glass full outlook, positive thinking. I’m showing SILVER, the precious metal. People who invest are ‘silver lining’ people always anticipating (in … Continue reading

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Travel Theme/Where’s my Backpack: Illumination

Illumination – Stained Glass Window at St. Laurence Church Ludlow, Shropshire. There is a written record of a Parish Church on the same site in Ludlow going back over 800 years. The stained glass window depicting the martyrdom of St … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Window: its possible to look in a window and out of a window. Here is a display window with manikins looking out, looking at me looking in at them looking out. The shop is SuperDry in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. GREAT window … Continue reading

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