Travel Theme: Symbol

These beautiful Postage Stamps from Commonwealth countries are riddled with symbolism, most evident is the symbol of authority.


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Images of Kings and Queens are used as symbols to represent Nation and Empire, the idea of a global commonwealth of nations, exercising power and dominion; in short an unconscious (or deliberate) marketing exercise.

To some this symbolism represents protection and opportunity.

To others of course this same symbolism represents oppression and exploitation, subjugation of a majority against their will by a minority, at worst a kind enslavement.

Symbolism can be a powerful tool…

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4 Responses to Travel Theme: Symbol

  1. Madhu says:

    An age old practice isn’t it? 🙂

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  3. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Ahh yes I featured Dieu et Mon Droit as well – the arrogance of empire!

  4. great take on symbolism

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