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Where’s My Backpack/Travel Theme; Birds

This splendid gull, (Common, Herring, but with red feet? help!) arch opportunist on the hunt for food at a little port near Bateman’s Bay, South Coast NSW. If there IS reincarnation with choice, I’d choose to come back as a … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

Simple little word, JOY has these references, not all of them I approve but 100 is a joyful number: 1. rejoice 2. delight 3. joyful 4. bliss 5. glee 6. joyless 7. gladden 8. happiness 9. pleasure 10. enjoyment … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: One

Here’s one…’swan [Please enlarge image]

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Wheres My Backpack/Travel Theme: Winter

Winter mmm… It’s not for fun that leaves fall from deciduous trees to survive the winter. Winter can be harsh, not for fun the log store is bursting to breaking; larders stocked. Birds raid hedgerows for berries, while others head … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

Sadhus rest in shade beside a well in Dwarka, Gujarat, India. They are gathering for their one free meal of the day at the brotherhood centre of their community. The lives of sadhu in contemporary India vary tremendously. Sadhu live in ashrams … Continue reading


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Travel Theme: Still

Travel Theme – Still Stillness is all around us, all too often subordinated by movement and sound. We notice stillness when movement and sound subsides; we hear the stillness when conversation ceases or water is no longer agitated by current, gravity … Continue reading

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Seasons Greetings

Here’s to a happy holiday tony 2far2shout at WordPress to all friends and followers click to enlarge the sprout

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Travel Theme: Symbol

These beautiful Postage Stamps from Commonwealth countries are riddled with symbolism, most evident is the symbol of authority. [click to enlarge] Images of Kings and Queens are used as symbols to represent Nation and Empire, the idea of a global commonwealth … Continue reading

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Snapshot 2

He crouches on a canvas stool in the busy sidewalk deep in concentration wrapped in layers of defence against the cold wind oblivious of shoppers teeming, eager to participate in this giddy season. His concentration focuses on a panel, a … Continue reading

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Snapshot

It was good to see James again. The last time was several months ago. Since then there is a lot to catch up on; his father’s illness, his summer holiday in France with Moraty, Curlan and Yorik, his job, etc. We … Continue reading

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