Travel Theme: Delicate

Consider the patience and concentration required to fashion delicate letters in stone.


Perhaps a day after harvesting the corn in late summer, when the sun has departed and village folk are warming themselves by the fire and there being no witness, Ivor Jones [I.Jones] hurriedly scratched his mark in script on the wall of the church. Perhaps he’s a young man of the village of Deerhurst where this Saxon Church has peacefully provided a spiritual sanctuary and a landmark for more than 400 years. George Wilkins [GW] has initialled in a font with serifs befitting his status and education.

Perhaps all they had in common was that they were of similar height.
They leave behind this delicate scribbling, the graffiti of its day.

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6 Responses to Travel Theme: Delicate

  1. Theresa says:

    Wonderful connection – the child of Egyptian hieroglyphics, perhaps?

  2. Tish Farrell says:

    initials carved in stone – they somehow have greater resonance than spray paint.

  3. dadirri7 says:

    how marvellous, the prettiest graffiti ever 🙂

  4. Madhu says:

    Fascinating! Love that he used cursive script!

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