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Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Early sycamore seeds released by heavy rain and winds fall on the damp dark floor of a bridleway.

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Travel Theme: Play

Playing at a re-enactment, playing in costumes, playing at being at The Battle of Tewkesbury in The War of the Roses in 1471, playing instruments of the period. Well played!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

Music and Dance are for me the epitome of Carefree. I do a lot of it but in the privacy of my home! This photo of dancers outside a temple in Udaipur, Rajasthan in celebration of their many Gods

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Daily Post: The Art of the Open Letter

I was born in India in 1945, in a military hospital in Rawalpindi.  In I947, it became capital of Pakistan after the partition of India into Muslim (Pakistan) and Hindu (India). My mother arrived in India at the age of … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Same shot two ways

A giant Gum Tree near Swifts Creek NSW. Shot 1. The giant Gum tree endangering a nearby road. With all my might I steady the tree. Shot 2. Danger averted and the settlers in the neighbourhood were able to sleep … Continue reading

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Wheresmybackpack/Travel Theme: Architecture

Paddington Reservoir  is a bold architectural solution to a redundant reservoir in the Paddington district of Sydney, captured by me early one morning. The Victorian underground reservoir had been cleverly transformed into a calm, peaceful urban park in the centre of Paddington, a … Continue reading


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Weekly Writing Challenge: I remember

I remember It’s as if I remember it. I’m so taken by the photographs of my mother and her two young sons, together with a gathering of new friends sitting on deck chairs aboard a troopship heading west towards the … Continue reading

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Where’s my Backpack/Travel Theme: Wild

We need reminding that a tranquil setting such as this on the rugged windswept coast of Pembroke National Park is the work of the wild sea which can, with its power and energy blast through solid rock to create wild … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

Clever goats foreshadow the onset of a huge storm approaching, hoping for shelter in recesses of an unfinished garden wall. (near Samial, the Sultanate of Oman)

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