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Different stretch of coast: different vibe.
This stretch has broader paths, expansive views, wild ponies grazing and gulls cavorting in the updraft. fleeting and welcome sunshine lifts my spirit but there’s always my constant companion nagging, tugging and buffeting me with an irritable persistence, trying to throw me to the ground. I must look like a drunkard fighting to stay upright.
I’m getting the hang of this cliff walking. Somewhere there’s a metaphor for life here.
One foot in front of another, again and again, over and over, distance is consumed. Concentrate on the task unswervingly, up the steep bits without resting, careful on the down slopes. Rhythm is everything.
Stop only with a purpose; tie a shoe, swig some water. Where the path allows, take in the view, but NOT whilst in motion. Danger Lurks there.
Look forward no more than to locate the direction of the path. Look too far forward and you’re likely to be daunted by the task ahead and loose heart. Look back by all means to delight in the progress you have made.
Rest well for a few minutes only; remember that rhythm is everything. Getting going requires energy. Walking, like life, isn’t a race
If you must take in the view, do so from a good vantage point with firm foothold. Do not be tempted by the sirens, mermen and mermaid calling from the bottom of the cliffs; resist all temptation for they which to beguile you. Tempters all. Watch carefully the path you tread, one foot in front of the other, over and over until your destination.
Most things are easy when you know how, when you realise the benefit of the rules: to get you from here to there safely and in good heart. Walk the walk…

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