What do cows think about rain?

What do cows think about rain?

I wrote this poem and took this photograph whilst visiting Glastonbury, cycling in the Somerset Levels, SW England. The area is flat and close to sea level, a land of reed growing, basket making and cider drinking. It is likely to have been created by a tsunami in 1607.

What did the cow think about rain?

Clouds looming in the west
Casting shadows cross grazing greens
Haunting the soft gentle hollows
Challenging the morning calm.

Light breeze awakens
Tugging trees to shift and sway
Summer rains comes in season
Brings scents of cool and damp.

High gulls twist and turn
White flecks against grey ghosts amassing
The hills cower from recognition
As the gathering gloom descends.

A cow looks up and wonders
Pigeons head straight for the woods
Light dims as dreary clouds burst open
All tell her it’s about to rain.

As the growing gloom gathers
And the rain comes sweeping down
The beasts find high dry places
To chew and sit out the showers.

What did the cow think about the rain?

Deep thoughts do not trouble her kind,
She does what she can but cannot explain, as
she will have other things on her mind.

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2 Responses to What do cows think about rain?

  1. ….”other things on her mind” 😆
    Brilliant poem!

  2. Lucid Gypsy says:

    So that’s the answer, I should have known! the Levels may be level but the tor is a lofty minx.

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