My Weekly Photo: Reflection

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Reflection is thinking for an extended period by linking recent experiences to earlier ones in order to clarify and understand; learn how to move forward.

Here, whilst out riding my bike after rain, a puddle reflects the sky as if providing an opening; an invitation to enter another dimension in time and space.
We could do well to reflect upon our place in the world we live in.
Does the past reflect what the future holds for us?


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2 Responses to My Weekly Photo: Reflection

  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Tony you could join WordPress weekly photo challenge!

    • 2far2shout says:

      Hi Gilly
      Are you getting excited; can you hear the rustle of wrappings at the end of your bed and glimpse the over-flowing stocking hanging on the bed post!

      Thanks for you comment. I do wrestle with getting the best out of posting, right now trying by trial and error to get my WordPress stuff to come up on my BlogSpot blog.

      I did contribute to the Challenge, and reverted to my own interpretation of it. Could I convert to post My Weekly Photo to My Weekly Photo Challenge, simultaneously.

      I need access to a Young Person who will know these things!
      If we don’t correspond before, have a Merry Holi Day!

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