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My Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimism

Optimism: Perhaps in short supply these days but an essential to the human condition. As Island dwellers we’re naturally optimistic. We drive, walk, run, cycle and ride to the edge of our island and look to the horizon, filling with … Continue reading

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My Weekly Photo Challenge: Courage

Here is a photograph of US Navy Sea-Plane pilots during WW2 in the South China Sea. One of these heros is the father of a long time friend of mine. I met him last year in Virginia. It’s hard to believe this … Continue reading

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My Weekly Photo Challenge: Anxiety

Anxiety can be seen on this man’s face. His hand grips the window frame, his watch a symbol of  precious time passing. Is it only humans that can be shown as being anxious? Can animals show anxiety; dogs, a  horse perhaps? … Continue reading

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My weekly Photo Challenge: Speed

Reginald Hargreaves Harris tearing up the outdoor track at Hearn Hill in 1953 The grey print gives a real feeling of speed on what appears to be a freezing cold day.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Geometry is a science of properties and relations of magnitudes [eg line, surface, solid] in space. If that is so, then this quilt has got it covered.

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