Photo Challenge: Relax


On a beach in Cadiz I came upon a professional relaxer.

Note the fact he has managed to open and fold a newspaper to read. His umbrella is adjustable and hands-free. His toes are in the wet cool sand. His relaxing contraption has wheels. ‘Hats-off’ to you my friend…

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: tiny

A child’s tri-cycle abandoned in a derelict industrial building.

The tri-cycle is tiny, made minuscule by the scale of the building, once cute and tiny it now looks sinister.  Where is the child, why is it abandoned, what’s it doing there?

I took this photograph as subject of a story, a fiction I thought I’d write. I’ve decided the story would have to be crime-fiction but I’m not easy in that genre. I could never write that story. Such a tiny thing in a world of drama, abduction, abandonment and perhaps even murder. 

No thanks

I could write a happy story but in my head there is this other tiny story waiting to get out, waiting to be written…
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Travel Theme:Dried

This little fellow had no idea his travelling day were over so soon…


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Weekly Photograph Challenge – Local

The Ham at Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire UK.

A huge expanse of water meadow dominated by Tewkesbury Abbey where we walk our dog Alfie, enjoy swathes of meadow buttercups in early summer, home to skylarks, curlews, gold-finches, warm breezes, and us: Tony Lynne and Alfie (and a few others)



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Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

Water water everywhere…

Here water is contained and harnessed to drive the Industrial Revolution through networks of canals dug by hand by gangs of ‘navigators’ known as ‘navvies’. Canals were overtaken and gradually replaced by improved roads and railways. By the 1950’s the canal network had all but disappeared. Groups of dedicated enthusiasts began restoring canals and locks and eventual received support of River Authorities as restoration began to win the battle against neglect and abandonment.


Today canals and locks help us to remember our industrial past and provides us with an opportunity to enjoy a unique form of holiday afloat narrow boats on the restored waterways of the canal network of Great Britain.

Water water everywhere…

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Travel Theme: Enilghtened

You need the light to show the way 

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Nostalgia


I’ll let the pictures tell the story of where l have been this morning somewhere between 

Toddington and Cheltenham Race Course…

There can be nothing more nostalgic than a steam railway…can there?

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Pretend

Along the tow-path on the River Severn at Worcester is a concept translated into reality.

It’s a new building commissioned by the school, Kings Worcester (1541) to provide a base for the schools

rowing club. The architects designed a building satisfying all the requirements of a modern functioning building

and cleverly alluding to it’s function.

The building is pretending to be a boat…

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Edge

Summer’s a fading memory as spent leaves gather. The thud of leather on willow echoes in the misty gathering distance while a groundsman remembers his lines and marks angles criss-crossing on the bright green baize, the edge of the field.


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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Mirror

I like reflections. There are limitless opportunities but not only with a mirror or with water.

Here’s a car window reflecting an exotic street scene as if it’s a mirror. 

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