Wordless Wednesday

img_2011Wordless Wednesday

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Atop

I sit on the edge of my seat as the foothills of the Sierra Nevada roll back revealing the Pacific Ocean approaching. 

Sitting atop the world, high above the surface of our planet while our Big-bird appears to float motionless as it loses height,  preparing to land. I’m thrilled beyond description as I am every time I fly. The butterflies in my stomach take frenzied flight in anticipation of landing, reunting with old friends, magical LA, city of the Angels on the other side of the world across a mighty ocean through time-zones and climatic regions in no time at all.

(Do I need to tell you I don’t like being underground, in caves, under water or basements of any kind?)


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Wordless Wednesday

IMG_3195Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday


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Travel Post: Path 

Mid-Summer buttercups flood The Ham at Tewkesbury, haven for nesting birds, curlew and larks.

Aisla asked us to find our back-pack and explore path.

Dog Walkers, ramblers, twitchers, fishermen (and women), strollers and contemplators walk this path come rain and /or sun.

A recreational path, informal, meandering, not rifle straight like a destination path. It’s far enough away to stand and listen to silence yet not close enough to pass the time of day with similar souls and hear the Abbey bells.

Far from the maddening crowd, appealing to a maximum two persons/one and a dog at a time, established informally with no benches, sign-boards, no evidence of society, minding its own business throughout the seasons.

weekly-photo-challenge  where’s my backpack




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Wordless Wednesday


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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Shadow

Late summer sun in January. Alfie and me walking on Cleeve Hill overlooking Cheltenham with rays cast almost horizontal with the Earth.

‘shadow – a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light on a surface.’

Nailed it!

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Haiku: Spring

Wake-up sleepy head

Daff HQ’s calling all hands

 There’s work to be done

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Weekly Photograph Callenge: Graceful

Friend Gilly said this is a difficult challenge. She’s right too.

Words associated with GRACEFUL… smooth elegant dignified graceful lithesome svelt deft…the opposite are …awkward lump slapdash louche disorderly scruffy

Graceful. There’s something silky, svelt and graceful about the sea. I can watch its languid motion for hours and never tire of it. It’s a lot to do with light.

Search for WordPress and find Weekly Photo Challenge to see more ‘Graceful’ entries.

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Travel Theme: Quiet

Here’s George, hand-made in vintage upholstery fabric by my wife Lynne. (jackandlilia.webs.com) 

He’s less than 6 inches tall.  He’s very quiet.  When he thinks he’s alone he’s been known to hum a tune to himself otherwise he exists in a world of silence.

Look into WordPress and find Challenges, Travel Theme, for more silence.

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