Weekly Photograph Challenge: Edge

Summer’s a fading memory as spent leaves gather. The thud of leather on willow echoes in the misty gathering distance while a groundsman remembers his lines and marks angles criss-crossing on the bright green baize, the edge of the field.


Go to WordPress.com and get a few more angles

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Mirror

I like reflections. There are limitless opportunities but not only with a mirror or with water.

Here’s a car window reflecting an exotic street scene as if it’s a mirror. 

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Frame

A window frame, three frames for the price of one, in a tumbledown cottage in Laugharne, Carmarthen, Wales. The small town of Laugharne is where poet Dylan Thomas wrote his incomparable narrative poem Under Milk Wood in his boathouse.

Photo by me…


The weekly photograph challenge is published by WordPress. Go to WPC ‘Frame’to see other interpretations.

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Out of Place



Out of Place

You can’t choose your family only your friends. But what about neighbours?

We like our house. We like its robust construction, insulated for warmth and sound. We like the Aga, period features, bi-fold doors open to the long green garden. We’ve lived here harmoniously among neighbours watching our children grow and go. We had no plans to move but then next door sold up, cashed in, drove away without a wave.

Then came new neighbours…

They’re ordinary folk with a cat and a tiny pigeon-toed daughter with a dummy, few words and none of those polysyllabic. They watch TV with the window wide open, walk around locked into screens of sophisticated phones The bins tell us they live on take-away. It seems the adults can’t cook, don’t want to cook or have never cooked. Gran arrives several times a week in a Toyota pick-up overloaded with scrap metal, her arms full of party bags, mainly cheese and onion. Gentrification in reverse ?

They’re sedentary creatures manoeuvring their over-weight hulks slowly with a languid saunter from carrying too many calories rather than an inverted perceived superiority: neighbours think they’re lottery winners.

He runs up and down the two flights of stairs, two at a time, thumping as he goes; up and back, a zillion times a day dragging his bulk and his builders bum to find things he remembers he put somewhere; a boy in a man’s body, out of breath and soon out of life. He wears Superman T-shirts, lives to clean the car. He sprays any and all insects and doesn’t seem to have a means of gainful employment. He has no conversation nor eye-contact beyond a grunt; he may have mild Aspergers.

She gets large, grazing tables at the Hungry Horse Inn where she waitresses and complains about lack of appetite. When the car stops askew in the shared drive, doors open scattering crusts and crumbs, sweets and pop sachets, empty cans and crinkly bags. She can’t go after them as they rampage around the drive like children released in a fun-park.

The rabbit hutch didn’t last long and the outdoor sofa he made from pallets never looked cool like the ‘wannerbees’ on the soaps. They’ve resumed tipping cat litter and disposable nappies straight into shared bins choosing to ignore some carefully chosen words about coming summer. The cat with one eye has taken a liking to our garden.

They don’t know how out of place they are, nor do they care.
Now we’re beginning to feel insecure; ready to cast-off, feeling out of place.

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Unusual, Rare

A flying fish left by a storm, a hint for supper tonight, sign for the hard of herring, ‘I’ve a bone to pick with you…’, anyone seen Annette? 

It’s rare and unusual. I don’t ever expect to see another piece of symbolism so bizarre. 

Taken on a trip to Cadiz, Andalucia.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

Morning on the Grand Union Canal and our last morning afloat…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top

I believe it’s a custom from Scandinavia and common now in many countries to ‘top out’ a building with a small tree (coniferous) when, during its building, it’s maximum height is reached: a metaphor indicating the building has reached a significant stage, nearing completion, a ‘cherry on top’.

Tewkesbury Abbey Church might well have been ‘topped out’ during its construction in 9000-1100 AD. Here the flag of St George catches a breeze and flutters with pride, mounted as it is at the highest point on the tower: a ‘cherry on top’.

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Travel Theme: Pairs

Pair of bikes, pairs of wheels, pairs of brakes, pairs of peddles, pair of riders, pairs of legs, pairs of hands, shoes, eyes, shoes, shorts and jerseys. 

One yellow jersey worn by the leader of the Tour de France, the extra-ordinary Chris Froome riding into Paris this morning to claim his third win of this most challenging event. Respect!

WordPress: Where’s my backpack? 

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Detail

If you are going to an event in a place you are not familiar with you need to know the details before-hand.

Last weekend the town Tewkesbury ‘celebrated’ the 1471 gruesome Battle of Tewkesbury, were two armies slugged it out in a Bloody Meadow for the throne of England. Last weekend, as tradition decrees, several thousand enthusiast swapped casual wear for period costumes and strolled through the medieval tented village where crafts persons plied there skills and wares before the battle got underway. In the shadow of Tewkesbury’s splendid Abbey Church a notice tied on gate provided DETAILS several events (voluntary).

By evening alternative events appeared including one offering ‘skirmishes and beheadings’.

If you didn’t have details it’s likely you’d have missed the event or been left hanging around .

See: WordPress weekly-photo-challenge for more Details

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Weekly Photograph Challenge: Look Up

Quite by chance I looked up and saw these ‘gargoyles’ on a renovated building while pootling about in the endlessly fascinating Shropshire town of Ludlow yesterday though it rained SO hard in the morning, it should be called ‘Floodlow’

I don’t know anything about them.  Maybe the names of the builders. I must find out…watch this (face) space.

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